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    I am Saswata Mukhopadhyay, an experienced Software Engineer and Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the IT industry. Skilled in Full Stack Development, System Design, Artificial Intelligence. Can design, develop, and maintain scalable complex cloud software applications.
    I am a full time SDE at , a strategic product unit of Tata Consultancy Services Limited providing solution suite varying from very complex ERP solutions for Education, Manufacturing Industries, Retail to Horizontals like HRMS, Payroll, Procurement and Inventory, Finance and Accounting, CRM to very complex and large scale platforms like Learning / Marking / Assessment / App Hub Platform.
    I also contribute to open source and maintain a couple of my own open source projects. Head to my Github profile for more details
    See my resume for more details.

Work Profile

Module Lead
  • Developed a new solution Digital Glassroom BizApp from scratch for iON customer onboarding and new customer(individual)/ organisation provisioning in a speculated Data Center for a speculated schema. The application runs on Angular in the frontend and Java Spring Boot in the backend in Kubernetes clusters.
  • Developed and maintaining an infrastructure as a code framework to integrate third party cloud service providers with the TCS iON iDL platform solving the issue of manual intervention while provisioning, managing of the cloud resources/infrastructure by automating workflows.
  • Developed and maintaining the SAML based SSO authentication system for all the products in TCS iON product suite.
  • Developed and maintaining a Video transcoding and segmentation engine powered by FFMPEG which transcodes and segments all the videos in iON Data Centers to serve the users via CDN.
  • Worked with Docker and Java to develop a cloud based code compiler to integrate in the iDL platform to execute programs supporting 17 languages without any third party services.


GNIT, Kolkata

Computer Science and Engineering
  • Subjects studied include Data Structures and Algorithms, Automata Theory, Computer Architecture, DBMS, Operating Sytem, Data Science, Mathematics, Physics, Basic Electrical and Electronics.