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(Open Source)
  • SingleAuthenticator project includes implementation of one-time passcode generators for any number of applications/platforms for both android and iOS. One-time passcodes are generated using open standards developed by the OATH.
  • The whole project was made with react-native which enables it for cross platform functioning on both Android and iOS devices. Feel free to fork and contribute on the project.


(Open Source)
  • easy-json-lib is a lightweight json library for JAVA to work with JSON type data and interchange formats


(Closed Source)
  • An intelligent cloud based version control repository platform (git based) with auto code-check functionality which helps developers contribute to any projects by any organization present on the platform.
  • The platform uses a microservices architecture and runs on Laravel on the backend and Vue on the frontend. Machines Learning models were made using Tensorflow and were served as microservices.
  • This was a project which won SIH 2019 (Smart India Hackathon) and the IP is jointly owned by my team and FIS Solutions (India)